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Winter is here, the temperature is dropping, and the snow is piling up outside. Time to head for that warm, sunny destination. Before you head off, a few simple precautions taken now can safeguard your home and ensure your home security system is in place, so you can enjoy a worry free vacation.

1. Leave your keys with someone you trust to do regular home checks. Your home insurance may not cover damages if your home is unoccupied for more than seven consecutive days. Make sure they know how to use your security system and are set up as an authorized user with your home security monitoring.

2. Make your home look occupied. Don’t allow mail or newspapers to pile up. Ask someone to pick them up or temporarily stop the deliveries. Have a neighbor shovel your driveway. It is also a good practice to let your neighbors know you will be away.

3. It’s best to avoid social media as much as possible. Yes, it’s fun to post all your vacation photos to make your friends envy your exotic location, however it also advertises to the bad guys that your away. Hold off until you return home.

4. Make your home alarm system work for you, isn’t that why you have one in the first place. Ensure all your windows and doors are properly locked. And don’t forget to set the alarm when you leave. Not sure if you remembered or not, no problem if you are an client, you can check the alarm status on your mobile device.


Add even more value to your home security system, with low temperature and water sensors and smoke detectors, which alert the monitoring station.

Enjoy your vacation and let Three West Security make sure your home is safe and secure. Call us for a free, no obligation evaluation for a security system Kelowna.

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