Residential Security Kelowna

Residential Security Services

Protecting your home and family

Flood and Fire Monitoring
Protect your home from disaster with alarm systems that alert you and the authorities when smoke or excess water is present.
Custom Designed Systems
Every home has its own unique residential security needs, and that’s why each of our security systems is custom-designed, just for you.
Smart Home Solutions
Automate your home security at a glance with integrated door locks, garage door control and energy management all from your phone.
Professional Installation
Our experienced residential security team is dedicated to protecting your home, and getting the job done right the first time, every time.

Three West Security

Protection you can depend on

    • 24/7 Monitoring

Protect your home day and night with our full service monitoring. You donʼt even need a landline for our systems; they can be set up and monitored using an Internet connection or a cellular network. Our residential security products utilize the latest technology, ensuring your space is protected.

    • Building Prewiring

Building a new home? Don’t overlook the security prewire, as electrical wiring is much easier during the framing process. We work with you and your builder & choose an alarm system to fit your needs and budget. Our experienced technicians pre-wire for alarms and CCTV systems while your home is being built ensuing peace of mind and a professional install.

    • CCTV Systems

With closed circuit television, youʼll be able to monitor your home from any connected remote location. Log onto the system and then view whatʼs happening in real time. Whether you want to keep an eye on whatʼs happening at home or youʼre monitoring past recordings our CCTV systems help you keep eyes everywhere and your property secure.