Video Monitoring Security for Your Business In Kelowna, Vernon, and Penticton

Video Monitoring Security for Your Construction Site In Kelowna, Vernon, and Penticton

Commercial Video Monitoring Security Services

Protect your business and business assets


Video Monitoring Or Guard Service

There is very little security guards can do that Video Monitoring cannot for much much cheaper!

Live Video Monitoring combines the very latest in technology with human oversite to stop false alarms. Live video monitoring results in verified trespassers resulting in Police priority and apprehensions.

This stops damage and loss to your property fast.

Video monitoring changes your cameras from Proactive to Reactive meaning instead of just finding video after a suspect trespasses and does damage to your property, we will now be notified immediately when they are detected and warn them off with onsite speakers and notify the police for immediate response.

We don’t just want to record a breakin we want to prevent it from ever happening!


What is Video Monitoring?

Video monitoring uses cameras (most times we can use the ones you already have) to detect Motion with motion detected it automatically goes to our state of the art monitoring station where they verify if it is an event or false alarm.

If we see suspicious activity we immediately confirm if an actual intrusion or burglary is taking place, talk to them and tell them to leave (if speakers installed) and if needed  contact the authorities with a suspect or vehicle description.

Once the Police are notified we fully assist them until suspect is apprehended or out of camera range. Any information gathered is sent to you for any action, investigation or prosecution. Your property is our utmost importance.


Benefits For your construction site

1) Remote view your project at anytime from almost anywhere

– With our equipment you will be able to keep an eye on your site day or night from anywhere in the world with internet access.

– Keep an eye on work progress, Trades showing up and damage done during construction

2) Keep your Tools, Equipment, Machines and Supplies safe

-The biggest loss to any jobsite is loss of tools,supplies and equipment we can protect and stop this from happening! Construction sites are impossible to lock up tight at night but with Three West Security Video Monitoring it will be possible to Monitor, Detect and respond to any Trespassers on your site.

– How about down time due to damaged Equipment or vandalism to site we can stop that as well. With any constuction site it is impossible to lock up or remove all valuble items each night. With Video monitoring we will keep an eye on whats valuble to you.

– When your job is done we will pack up your equipment and just move it to your next site


Have Cars, Boats, Motorbikes Ect on your property how does Video Monitoring help you?

1) Reduce over all security costs Paying a security company to physically patrol your yard is way more money than video monitoring. Plus we give full time coverage all night and all weekend/holidays.

2) Keep an eye on Employees. Cameras provide safety for your staff from outside customers or from other staff. Also no business wants to deal with theft but employee theft or damage to your merchandise can be a problem so it can be important to monitor this as well.

3) Prevent Theft and Vandalism on your lot. The Main reason for video monitoring with Three West Security is to protect your high value items that you  have on your lot. Loss of your merchandise of loss of a sale due to damage to your product is unacceptable and we want to be a large part in stopping this from happening to you

Three West Security

Protecting Your Assets when you can’t

    • Camera Monitoring

Protect your business day and night with our full service video monitoring. Working with industry leaders such as Bil Security we can offer you world class systems with local pricing and support.

    • Equipment

With over 30 years in the security business we have the experience to serve you well. However we also know we have to be up on the latest electronics and training which we do.

    •  Installation and Service

We are a local family owned company and have been born and raised here. With qualified technicians we will get your system installed on time and on budget.

Need service? we are on call 24/7 but unlike most other companies no answering service at any time. call and talk to a live Tech and most of the time this is also the Owner of the company.