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Best Features to Check In From Afar

Best Features to Check In From Afar

These blustery fall days have many Okanagan residents dreaming of vacation to sunnier shores. Is your home or business safe when you are travelling? Schedule your property assessment with Three West Security in Kelowna to determine which features will make the biggest impact when you are away. Avoid the stress of returning home to discover lost items or property damage and sleep soundly every night!

Multi-Sensor Smart Technology Action

Receive text alerts and notifications if one of your strategically installed sensors becomes activated. Be the first to know if a window or door has been violated. offers real-time data comprised from connected devices and sensors throughout your home. Your activity patterns can be monitored and actions can be taken on your behalf with much better results compared to individual devices. Communication is key between your security system components and you and your family. Three West Security can help you establish a protected perimeter so you can truly unwind when you are away. Having your habits monitored will help you discover if and when anything out of the ordinary is taking place. This innovative approach is revolutionizing home and business security.

Geo-Services From

Not sure if the kids’ remembered to lock the door once they arrived home? Running late and wish you left a light on before you left?’s Geo-Services simplify your day to day, making your property safer the entire while. Receive arming reminders, set your abode or office to the perfect temperature and turn your exterior or interior lights on and off for utmost comfort and security. The arming reminders are an excellent way to keep in touch with your house sitter or teenagers when you are away. Always know the status of your home security no matter where you are checking in from.

Viewing Visitors and Delivery Packages With Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell camera systems are an amazing way to review who is outside your door prior to answering it. This is additionally great if you are away on vacation and expecting an important delivery at your home or office. View on your phone who is at your property prior to opening the door. Feel safer when kids and babysitters are home, as you will be alerted prior to anyone answering the door.

Maintaining That “Lived-In” Vibe When You Are Away

One of the easiest ways to become a target is by having a vacant and abandoned property. If your newspapers are cluttering up and no visible activity is occurring, your home screams “empty!” Imagine being able to adjust the blinds, lights and temperature with a touch of your smart device. The simplicity of home automation enhances your security tenfold, making it easy to create the illusion that people are thriving within and making your home much less of a target.

Call Three West Security In Kelowna Today

Our professional and experienced team can happily assess your residential or commercial space and provide recommendations of which security features will best suit your needs. Our technicians are also our sales team; therefore, all your installation questions and concerns can be efficiently answered. Book your free security evaluation today and rest assured that the next time you travel all will be well!

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