New Construction Pre-Wiring in Kelowna for Security Systems

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New Construction Pre-Wiring in Kelowna for Security Systems

New Construction Pre-Wiring in Kelowna for Security Systems

The ideal opportunity to wire in your home security and install all electrical features is during the framing component of new construction. Having complete accessibility to every inch of your home, shop or office makes installation a breeze. Fishing wires through existing drywall is time consuming and not always productive. Many areas in a finished home are inaccessible when wiring or home security is an afterthought. Be proactive, simplify your options, and maximize this construction milestone by planning and taking advantage of the framing process. Three West Security in Kelowna is happy to install your residential or commercial alarm set up at any stage however; we can save you more time and money if we join you at your construction site.

Simplifying Residential and Commercial Installation

Home and business security includes all of your external lighting, motion lights and perimeter lighting. It is much easier to drill holes and tie in junction boxes during framing.  Oftentimes, we work closely with your electrician to ensure that any special power or lighting connections for specific security features are installed in the most efficient manner. Common components that can be implemented during wiring and integrated into your home security include:

*doorbell camera

*CCTV, video system cameras



*smoke/gas/flood/CO2 detectors

*internet, cable and satellite TV connection

*intercom to numerous rooms

*home office wiring

*music distribution to different areas

*LAN or Local Area Networking for computers

*wireless data

Future Proofing Your Home

Framing is ideal time to consider your current electrical needs and to think ahead in terms of future requirements and resale value. Setting your home up for the capacity to keep up with today’s technological advances can save you tremendously. Take the initiative to secure your ability to upgrade at will and enjoy the flexibility of being ready to go when it comes time to add home automation, additional keypads, lighting upgrades or motion detectors. Realtors commonly report that older homes without basic cable and phone jacks in each room can drastically reduce potential buyers. Incorporating a state-of-the-art security system and implementing the best wiring options enables you to protect your home and property now and for years to come. Integrating extra cables prior to closing the walls and ceilings up will leave you ready to add or remove electrical components much more easily.

External Security Features

How well lit is your driveway? Do you feel safe walking friends and family members out to their cars at night or are you worried someone will trip and fall? Having a well-illuminated perimeter additionally acts as a huge theft deterrent. Exterior lights can be set on a timer or come on at dusk. The burst of motion light activity can immediately alert you to strangers or stray animals on your property. Many clients combine their motion light options to add brightness, eliminate dark shadows and any potential hiding places. Three West Security is happy to conduct a free security evaluation on site to help you determine which areas may be seen as a prime target. Garden or garage speakers, electronic driveway gates and external intercom systems are excellent to consider during your external security assessment. These features are easy to incorporate during the prewiring phase.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Theft Deterrent

One of the best parts of prewiring all of your electrical and home security needs is that you will be left with a tidy and clean environment. Avoid unsightly wires and cable bundle shenanigans.  Prewiring allows everything to be easily accessible and hidden. It is much more difficult for anyone to tamper with your home security system when it is professionally installed. Call Three West Security in Kelowna today to arrange your prewiring consultation.

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