Residential & Commercial Security Solutions For Your Winter Vacation

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Residential & Commercial Security Solutions For Your Winter Vacation

Residential & Commercial Security Solutions For Your Winter Vacation

Heading away to some sunny locale during our grey, bleak Okanagan winters is wishful thinking for some and the norm for many people. Pursuing some natural Vitamin D down on vacation and warming your toes in the sand supposed to be a fun and stress-free experience. Avoid worrying about your residential or commercial space by installing the best equipment that Three West Security in Kelowna offers. Enjoy the options of checking into your live feed while you are away via your cell phone or tablet.

Security Systems For Winter Months Due to Higher Crime Rates 

Perhaps it is due to holiday stress, financial woes or lack of sunshine…statistics show that crime rates often jump 25% during the winter months. Many Kelowna and area snowbirds travel down south and their property may be susceptible to unwelcome visitors. Three West Security can help you maintain that “lived in” look while you are away. Lights on timers offer the appearance that someone is home. It is essential to vary your hours and which lights come on and off to ensure that if anyone is watching your house, they won’t notice any common patterns. A recent report by Maclean’s states various Okanagan cities are among the most dangerous places in Canada.

Security Protection with Extra Fire, Flood and CO

Many of our Alarm systems have built in sensors that additionally protect against carbon monoxide and fire. This is vital for keeping family members, pets  and any house-sitters safe while you are travelling. If your neighbour has a house fire you will be alerted with the proper CCTV or doorbell camera set up as well. There have been instances of clients out of town who saw the footage of an emerging fire across the street and were among the first to call 911 from afar. Different alarm systems can be arranged to send you a text message if anything out of the ordinary is occurring, making it easy to stay in the loop while you are away on vacation.

Camera Systems Can Record for Peace Of Mind

Knowing that you have the latest equipment working for you 24/7, is a soothing reality. Being able to check in on the kids, babysitter, pets and house sitter while you are out of town is priceless. Enjoy the freedom of viewing your property when you desire. We can arrange for a free security evaluation to determine which locations are potential target zones within your location and strategies for enhancing your safety. Our sales representatives are also technicians and happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding your installation and service.

Achieving That “Lived In Vibe” When You Are Away

Alternating interior and exterior lighting with your timer system can help you create the atmosphere that someone is home even when you are away. Avoid coming home to a dark house this winter and preset all of your porch lights to turn on at dusk for maximum visibility and safety. Brightly illuminated driveways, walks and entry points are less likely to be a target in comparison to dark alcoves. Family and friends will feel safer on potentially slippery walkways or icy sidewalks that often come with winter weather.

Ask Us About 6 Months Free Monitoring

Calling all snowbirds and those with upcoming vacations…Three West Security would love to book your free security evaluation and provide you with the custom feedback you deserve. We thrive on helping our clients make an informed decision regarding the best residential and commercial security systems available. You may even be eligible for six months of free monitoring. We look forward to hearing from you…give us a shout today to book your free security evaluation. Proudly helping the Kelowna and other Okanagan cities stay safe!

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