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Best Ways To Stay Safe When Living Alone in Kelowna

Best Ways To Stay Safe When Living Alone in Kelowna

Believe it or not, studies show more people are living along now compared to any time previously in history! Consider yourself in ample company if this is your current situation. Three West Security in Kelowna wants to help you feel safe around the clock. Here are the top considerations to upgrade your personal security.

Adopt a Dog

Man’s best friend surpasses us in vital senses including smell and hearing. Animals have the ability to sense uneasy things including anything intruding within their perimeter, severe storms and unexpected wildlife visitations. Their ability to alert you to unwelcome guests is priceless. Feel wonderful about adopting a new member of your family who will loyally protect you and your property.

Install Motion Lights

Motion lights provide an exceptional way to surprise intruders and strange animals. Discourage property damage or having items from your garage, yard, driveway or carport disturbed by strategically placing some well-illuminated security motion sensor lights. This offers homeowners additional protection when they take garbage and recycling out at night in the dark as well. Save tripping and bumping into items or unexpected guests in the dark by providing a well lit area to deter theft and trespassing.

Invest In a Smart Doorbell Camera

Three West Security has a variety of residential and commercial packages that include doorbell camera systems. Receive a text alert and visual of who is on the other side of your door with one of our accurate and durable doorbell camera systems. Images are easily accessible via your cell phone. Be aware prior to answering the door.

Know Your Neighbours 

Bake some cookies and head next door. Meeting your neighbours is an excellent way to stay aware of your immediate surroundings. Maintaining a positive rapport is keeps the door open in terms of sharing neighbourhood security issues. Keeping an eye on things from a distance may be helpful in the event one of you goes away on vacation. Having someone close by to keep in touch on activity, wildlife encounters and even wildfires can be priceless in putting your mind to ease.

Fix Potential Security Issues

Conduct a security check around your home, apartment or office. Better yet, call Three West and we will perform a free security evaluation on your behalf. Having a clear secondary exit is paramount to everyone’s safety. There are small changes that you are able to do yourself such as ensuring all window locks are working properly and fixing anything that is broken. These small security fixes go hand in hand with the work that Three West Security can do for you.

Post Appropriately

Unfortunately, many people update their online status so frequently, they constantly advertise their whereabouts. Those with nefarious intentions can easily find out when you are at work, at home or on vacation. Be careful when you are posting that you are at a concert, heading out on a road trip, checking in from a venue etc. Those following your profile and plenty who officially aren’t, have access to all of the information blaring that you are currently away from your home and it is an easy target.

Your Security Mindset

Call Three West Security today to book your security evaluation and see which monitoring package makes the most sense for you and your surroundings. Our expert team can provide you with all of the answers that you need. We look forward to working with you.

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