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Three West Security: Preparing Your Kelowna Property for Vacation Mode

Three West Security: Preparing Your Kelowna Property for Vacation Mode

The warmer weather has finally arrived and May Long Weekend will be here soon! Couples, families and individuals alike commonly combat Spring fever this time of year by getting away. Regardless if you are leaving your property for a weekend or weeks, Three West Security in Kelowna wants to help you ensure that everything is where you left it safe and sound once you return.

Unintentionally Broadcasting Your Departure

Nothing quite tells the neighbourhood and all passing cars or buses your plans like packing up your trailer to go camping. The millions of trips to and fro with bedding, books, food, firewood, water and entertainment takes time and energy. It is a normal part of preparing for vacation; however, road trips and camping kind of scream, “We’re leaving shortly!” to the entire neighbourhood. This is fine and dandy if you have some trusting friends or family to look in on your place when you are away but opportunists may take note of your address and keep checking in to capitalize on your departure. At least packing for a airplane ride is typically done within the privacy of your home. Road trips and camping are an entirely different ballgame since a lot of the preparation occurs in your driveway or front yard. Check this vital checklist to help you take care of those last minute details that can be easy to forget when you are preparing to rejuvenate and relax!

Basic Measures

Arrange to have your newspaper collected while you are away to minimize your property looking like there is no one home. Arrange to have your garbage collected at the usual time to avoid having your bins sitting curb-side for irregular periods. Besides attracting bears and wildlife, this is often one of the first things people notice when they are scoping areas to make a quick score. Leave your emergency contact information with a neighbour or hire a house sitter to provide peace of mind during your absence. It is wise to ensure all fire alarms are in working order and to reduce energy costs by adjusting your thermostat and hot water tank for longer getaways.

The “Lived In” Look

Technology is amazing these days! Three West Security offers a variety of home alarm systems that you can program. Activate lights and have your irrigation run on timer systems to maintain routine. Keeping things as normal as much as possible when you are away takes some careful planning and execution. Our doorbell security cameras and remote viewing options enable you to check your interior and exterior perimeter from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Having different lights or appliances come on automatically during your vacation minimizes the risk of anyone believing it is completely empty and free for exploring! If you are on a road trip, consider asking a neighbour to park one of their vehicles in your driveway to make it look like there is someone there.

Three West Is Here to Help

Calling all snowbirds and European Backpackers, camping enthusiasts and weekend roadtrip warriors…Three West Security has decades of experience installing superior residential and commercial security systems. Stay focussed on having a great time while you are away instead of worrying about anything. Our professional crew can provide a security assessment at your home or office to help you identify potential security breaches and risks. Most monthly packages are less expensive than what you are currently paying your cell phone company! Call us today to arrange a time where we can meet and discuss your residential and commercial security needs.

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