Back To School Safety for Kelowna Kids from Three West Security

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Back To School Safety for Kelowna Kids from Three West Security

Back To School Safety for Kelowna Kids from Three West Security

Our smoky summer is winding down and thousands of Okanagan kids have recently returned to school. September is bustling with new classes, weather changes and many sports schedules starting back up. Many children arrive home alone after school and are unsupervised for hours at a time while parents finish up work for the day. Three West Security in Kelowna can set you up with a custom security package that enables you the ability to remotely check-in on the home front from afar.

More Kids Are Home Alone

Living with some of the highest real estate and gas prices in the country has forced many families to rely on longer work days. This often translates to arriving home at supper time or even later in the evening. Are you one of the households in this predicament? Would you feel better being able to receive a text alert once your child has arrived safe and sound? Communicating is essential for peace of mind. Having the ability to gently remind your kids to lock the door and reset the alarm is a great feature. Not to mention if they do get side tracked and forget, you can do it remotely with your phone or smart device!

Peace Of Mind

Perhaps you would enjoy the possibility of visually inspecting your property from the comfort of your smart device. We are an authorized dealer of products and specialize in keeping your family and perimeter secure. This unprecedented fire season has reminded us all that it is essential to keep a watchful eye on our surroundings. Being able to keep aware of what is going on with the people you cherish the most and the property you work so hard to enjoy, is priceless. In fact, there have been many instances of doorbell security cameras and CCTV systems capturing a forest fire, house fire or flood and alerting homeowners first. Three West Security has a multitude of residential and commercial security features that can help you sleep better at night and not worry when the kids are home alone.

Rushed Mornings and Exits Can Provide Unintentional Opportunities 

There have been numerous documented cases that show professional criminals do their research first. Imagine finding out someone with nefarious intentions has been stalking your neighbourhood or watching your house. Pretty creepy right?! If you are running off to school, work, sports etc. in a cloud of loud and disorganized chaos, chances are others may take notice. It can be easy to forget to remember to lock the garage door, back door etc. during your hasty exit. Enjoy the flexibility and practicality of being able to simply hit a button on your phone to check the status and remotely lock your home.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to accidentally invalidate your house insurance by unwittingly leaving a door unlocked and becoming the victim of crime. We all forget things from time to time; however, save yourself the trip of having to drive back home to lock up and make the most of this outstanding technology. Call Three West Security today to come up with the perfect security package to suit your needs.

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