Understanding Home & Cell Phone Security in Kelowna

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Understanding Home & Cell Phone Security in Kelowna

Understanding Home & Cell Phone Security in Kelowna

Three West Security in Kelowna offers the latest residential and commercial security packages with professional installation at competitive rates. Our team is committed to providing you with the insight you need when it comes to choosing the best package to suit your needs. For example, if you are in the midst new construction, this is an ideal time to hardwire in your alarm system and take advantage of home automation options. With so many different alarm system options available, which is right for you?

Kelowna Landlines vs. Cell Phones

Originally, alarm companies introduced cellular monitoring alarm systems to provide a backup in case the main lines became disrupted by outages due to accidents, or natural disasters including fires and floods. However, many homeowners are now disabling their landlines and have become cell-phone only families instead. What happens to your alarm system if your cell phone update freezes and impairs your phone? Thankfully, the transmission will remain active and homeowners will continue to be protected as alarm systems, with cellular monitoring rely on cell phone towers in your vicinity for monitoring. Three West Security recommends checking with your alarm company prior to making any drastic changes such as cancelling your landline to ensure that your property will remain protected in the event that system tweaks may be required if switching to a different phone system, such as Voip or internet phone service.

Text Alerts and Remote Access for Peace of Mind

There are numerous benefits of having your security system available through your cell phone. Enjoy remote access and being capable of checking in throughout the day with your cell or smart device. Text alerts are an ideal way to see who is at your door prior to answering thanks to doorbell camera integration. Avoid opening the door to strangers and being potentially caught unaware. Maintain visual access to your property while away on vacation or simply from the office. Knowing when the kids are home from school and being able to communicate with them immediately if they accidentally lock themselves out or lose their keys or alarm code is priceless.

Security Cameras Capture Wildlife and Forest Fires

Perhaps you live in relatively safe neighbourhood without high instances of crime. Watch the bears break into your garbage cans safely from within your home or from afar. Know that your pool area is secure and put those fears to rest by having a visual on the areas of your home that require extra vigilance. Feel safe while traveling during fire season knowing that your home security system will alert you if there are any natural disasters including fires and floods or bears and cougars etc.

Book Your Complimentary Security Evaluation Today!

We understand that naturally, you may have many questions regarding which system is best for your needs. Three West prides ourselves on being different from the competition. Our sales team and installers are one and the same; therefore, we know every facet of our products inside and out. Proudly serving the Okanagan Valley for decades, we are committed to providing you with affordable and security packages that often cost clients less than what they are paying their cell phone providers every month! We look forward to visiting your residential or commercial space and providing a comprehensive security  evaluation to help determine your needs.

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