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Doorbell Cameras Save Lives

Doorbell Cameras Save Lives

Three West Security in Kelowna is proud to be your dealer. Alarm products are proven in the industry to be a leading choice for all of your residential and commercial security system needs. Our expert staff handles both sales and installation so you can rest assured every detail is correctly installed and taken care of from the start. Doorbell cameras are a huge trend in home security. They offer peace of mind and the ability to see who is on your property from the comfort of your cell phone or smart device. Clients love the fact that there are no unwelcome surprises as the images are sent directly to your wireless device.

Top of the Line Safety for Your Family and Employees

Review delivery personnel, political canvassers and everyone else who comes knocking at your door without leaving the comfort of your chair! Seeing who is approaching is simple when you set up a text alert to your cell phone. Receive a text before your doorbell rings and feel secure and prepared for whomever is on the other side. Minimize your risk of home invasions or unexpected company by enjoying the practical and informative benefits of integrating a doorbell camera as part of your security system.

Doorbell Security Camera Skybell Three West Kelowna Security Home

SkyBell Doorbell Cameras Integrate with

Featured in many of the Top 10 Home Security systems, SkyBell is our choice doorbell product. Enjoy live video feeds with the on-demand feature and never question who is standing on your porch or deal with squinting to use your peephole again. Another benefit is that you can check throughout the day to see if that precious parcel has arrived. Arriving with 1080p video and 5x zoom, you can easily view your exterior. Specially designed with some of the best temperature control in the industry (-40 degrees F to 140 degrees F), it is a great product for our extreme local temperatures. Security simplified…offering our clients the latest and greatest alarm features is just one of the things that sets Three West Security apart from other companies serving the Okanagan Valley.

Three West Security Doorbell Cameras Smart Kelowna Okanagan Security

Additional SkyBell Doorbell Camera Pros You Will Love

*Two-way audio

*Colour night vision

*7 days of free cloud storage

*Easily integrates into security systems

*Simple to use app

*No monthly fees for additional features

*Has a do-not-disturb mode that rings phone only

*Available in numerous colour options

*2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection

Extra Residential and Forest Fire Protection

Feel great knowing you are being additionally proactive in the safety and well being of your neighbourhood. Many doorbell cameras have been the initial alert to forest fire smoke and dangers like flood and fire in the neighbourhood. With your live feed available for viewing 24 hours a day, feel secure if you are away from home on vacation and at work or school. The video coverage continually monitors your front entrance and beyond depending on your view range. It is easy to see how this amazing technology has catapulted doorbell cameras to be at the foremost of home security options. Call Three West Security today to set up your complimentary security evaluation and determine which alarm package best suits your needs!

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