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Perimeter Check: Are You Unknowingly Inviting Criminals?

Perimeter Check: Are You Unknowingly Inviting Criminals?

As the nights are coming much earlier, Okanagan residents are welcoming the sleepy chill of winter. Before you know it, we’ll be leaving for work and school in the dark and returning in the same manner. Three West Security wants to know when is the last time you evaluated your property’s perimeter? Are you setting yourself up as a potential criminal magnet and not even aware? It’s time to walk around your residence and take note. A few simple updates in your exterior lighting and visibility circumstances could make the difference between attracting and repelling unwanted visitors.

Street View

Does your carport or side of the garage advertise the empty packaging of your recent electronic toy? If you have cardboard packaging announcing your latest TV or computer purchase, stalking criminals might be taking notice. Stacking up empty bottles, donation items, yard tools or other profitable items could potentially attract those looking for a quick profit. Secure your outdoor items inside of your locked garage or outdoor shed. Break down and recycle all tempting packaging promptly so as to not advertise your latest expensive upgrade.

Residential and Commercial Protection from Break-ins

Window Security

Are you in the popular Okanagan habit of leaving a window open to compensate for our fluctuating temperatures? Did you know that approximately 30 percent of thieves enter through unlocked windows or doors? While it can be easy to get into the habit of leaving your bedroom or bathroom window open, winter is a great time to re-evaluate your routine. Three West Security in Kelowna has a variety of home security options to cover all of your home’s entry and exit points. Secondary blocking devices such as wooden dowels or blocks can prevent windows from easily sliding open. Be sure that every member of the family can handle removing the secondary access mechanisms to facilitate an easy fire escape.

Remote Activity

Being able to control your lights and your thermostat from the convenience of your cell phone is extremely handy for making your house look lived in from afar. If you are on vacation or running late coming home, simply program your lights to come on and help create the illusion that people are home and your house is occupied.

Cell Phone Alarm Systems from Three West Security Kelowna

Motion Lights for Thieves and Wildlife

Incorporating more exterior lighting from your driveway throughout your home’s perimeter can help you deter any unwanted guests. Stray animals and troublemakers alike will avoid a well illuminated place. Install perimeter lighting on top of fencing, along the edge of your driveway and as motion lights on your garage and house. Feel safe when you take out the garbage or recycling at night and enjoy extra light when you unload the groceries and come home from work.

Fall Foliage Trimming

Did your fall foliage get trimmed on time this year? Overgrown bushes, trees and perennials can hide windows and doors; inadvertently providing coverage for those trying to break in on a ground floor. Keep all of your access points securely protected, visible and well illuminated to keep intruders away.

Neighbourhood Watch

Getting to know your neighbours can drastically help deter crime in your vicinity. Recognizing vehicles and individuals in your area will alert you to things that may seem out of the ordinary. Letting someone you trust know when you will be away can help you maintain extra vigilance on your property.

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