Commercial Security Cameras Deter Theft in Kelowna

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Commercial Security Cameras Deter Theft in Kelowna

Commercial Security Cameras Deter Theft in Kelowna

Three West Security proudly serves the entire Okanagan Valley for all of your commercial and residential security needs. Sadly, our communities have been struggling with the ongoing Fentanyl crisis for awhile now and things are not getting better as quickly as everyone would like. Help protect yourself from potential intruders day and night by inviting us to conduct a free security evaluation. Whether you are operating your business in the downtown core or live in the suburbs, a reliable security system installed by Three West can deliver extra peace of mind.

Stay Vigilant with Commercial Camera Systems

Thanks to amazing technology and our highly experienced and qualified team, Three West Security in Kelowna has a variety of commercial surveillance options for every budget. Many insurance companies offer a discount to those who are being proactive against theft and property destruction. Your employees are priceless and ideally, every workplace should be safe. Installing a tried and true system can help you enjoy more security while at work and protect your property 24/7. Oftentimes, it is reliable security systems such as ours that first alert property owners of fire or water damage. Be the first to know if a water pipe bursts or if anyone with negative intent is nearby.

Check In From Home or While On Vacation

Wireless technology and digital security systems have revolutionized the industry. Three West Security relies on state-of-the-art security systems that do not require a landline but utilize a cellular network or internet connection instead. View your security cameras from the palm of your hand effortlessly and conveniently regardless of where you are. Having the capacity to view your employees while away can drastically reduce shoplifting and internal crime.

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Protect Your Priceless Employees and Expensive Inventory

Your business assets encompass much more than your stock. Protect your precious staff with the ability to record everything. Feel secure knowing that you have a reliable recording in the case of any wrong doing. Your employees will feel happy that they are safe. Conversely, our commercial surveillance systems can help you minimize losses. Find out exactly who is responsible for any missing inventory or cash. Three West Security can help you deter theft on every level with our 24/7 Monitoring. When your staff understands they are constantly on camera, they will be much more accountable for their actions.

CCTV and Your Perimeter

Closed circuit TV systems enable you to monitor your parking lot, entry’s, exits and everything in between. Our professional installation crew can install your CCTV system in a tidy and efficient manner. You will never have to worry about unsightly wiring or cables when you call Three West Security…we always get it right the first time.

Custom Security Solutions for Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley

Years of experience in the security field has proven that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your commercial and residential security needs. Our free security evaluation enables us to walk the property with you and present a customized security plan. Every property has different aspects to take into consideration including: proximity to the street and other buildings, remote access points, landscaping issues including hillsides and overgrown trees etc. We respectfully treat each client and property with the care and attention you deserve in order to maximize your safety. Call Three West Security today and let’s get started!

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