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Questions To Ask Your Kelowna Home Security Company

Questions To Ask Your Kelowna Home Security Company

Deciding to obtain a reliable home security system for your home is a crucial step in your personal protection. Three West Security in Kelowna understands there are a myriad of competitive security companies vying for your business. In fact, walking throughout your neighbourhood probably showcases numerous lawn signs and window stickers from different providers. You may have even answered your door at supper time only to be inundated with the latest and greatest system (according to your door-to-door salesperson). Prior to deciding on a home security product that suits your needs, it is essential to do your homework first. If it is time to professionally protect your home, Three West Security can help.

Reading the Fine Print in Your Security Contract

Let’s face it; there are unfortunately many security providers who are more interested in collecting your monthly fee than providing you the level of care they promise. Understanding the length of your monitoring contract and if it automatically renews upon expiry is important to ensure that you are completely covered. Will this service be transferrable if you are planning to move within a few years or move suddenly? What are the installation and equipment costs over and above your monthly rate? Are you dealing with an authorized dealer who has successfully been in the business for years? Will your system still work if the power goes out or you lose your internet connection? Check out the top 10 security items you need to research prior to signing on the dotted line.


Avoid Surprises

What is the protocol if one of the physical hardware items involved in your home security system fails? Is there a battery backup system? How long are your sensors, detectors, CCTV monitors and control panels under warranty? Making a note on your personal calendar to double check prior to any expiry dates can help you avoid a lapse in service. There are often numerous physical components to your security package. A reliable company such as Three West Security in Kelowna will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Delivering peace of mind is one of our many specialties!

Feel Secure in British Columbia

Three West Security in Kelowna never asks for your SIN number and can’t understand why other security companies wish to have this personal information on file. The Security Licensing Program is responsible for regulating our security industry in BC, all businesses and individuals offering security services must hold a valid license issued by the Registrar. This means that every employee is required to undergo RCMP fingerprinting and have their criminal record check. Feel secure inviting our professional and friendly technicians into your home or business.


Add-Ons and Extras to Be Determined Prior to Signing Your Contract

There are a variety of package deals offered for residential and commercial security packages. What happens if you want to add an extra CCTV circuit or a doorbell camera? Three West Security recommends obtaining a thorough quote covering any additional options you may consider adding to avoid any costly surprises down the road.

Save On Home Insurance Rates

We always recommend contacting your current home and business insurance provider to see what their requirements are to reduce your insurance premiums. Some insurance companies have very specific security needs in order to adjust your premiums while others are more generic. Make a call prior to obtaining your Three West Security quote to ensure we can incorporate any pre-requisites (if your home insurance company requires them) and we will be happy to work with the information you provide and hopefully help you get a lower rate on your insurance premiums. With an estimated break and enter happening every 90 seconds in Canada, it is never too late to minimize your risk. Call Three West today and find out how affordable it is to keep your family and home safe and sound!

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